Aha! MOM-ents at Mommy Mundo’s Expo Mom North 2 | Wear Is The Love Babywearing Fashion Show

Mommy Mundo – one of the country’s biggest parenting support groups holds regular ExpoMom events dedicated to make a stronger parenting community where moms and dads can learn and get support from each other. When we think of Mommy Mundo and Expomom, the closest thing that comes to mind is their campaign hashtag #Mompowerment which for me says a lot about how the community has made the image of motherhood as something more exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling.

I have attended three ExpoMom events already and in each of those, I always have an “AHA! MOM-ent” which I personally define as new, fresh and out-of-the-box discoveries that are mostly relevant to moms – like me.

Last August, I attended my first ExpoMom Event in Glorietta Makati and my biggest AHA! MOMent is the Mommy Mundo Passport which I got for just P500 yet the value is far beyond what I paid for as it comes with a Journey Box loaded with quality products from trusted brands curated based on the age of my baby.

Last month, I attended the ExpoMom in Central Square, BGC to witness the launch of “Faces and Phases: Mompowerment Photos Exhibit and Stories” featuring powerful portraits of moms from different walks of life shot by none other than the very talented Photographer and mom, Shiela Catilo. The “AHA! MOM-ent” there is discovering that some of the featured women are also friends I have met in different seasons of my life. So, I can personally attest that these wonderful women really embody what it is like to be an empowered mom, or shall I say, Mompowered and Mompowering.

Mommy Mundo Faces & Phases 3
Faces and Phases : Mompowerment Photo Exhibit and Stories
Mommy Mundo Faces & Phases 7
Darlyn Ty-Nilo: I have known Darlyn since we were in college through Markprof Foundation, an organization that builds future leaders by training students in a rigorous 7-weekend bootcamp. Darlyn is part of the very first batch of graduates and I belong to the third batch. Darlyn was Markprof President back then.
Mommy Mundo Faces & Phases 5
RJ Dancel: She is the very first person I met in the first ExpoMom event I attended. RJ is part of the great team behind Mommy Mundo and also known for her beautiful content for angbuhaylokal.com
Mommy Mundo Faces & Phases 4
Em Sulit and Leah Eriquel: When we started vlogging, doors opened for new adventures and family activities. I thank God for meeting amazing moms Em Sulit who introduced me to Bounce Philippines, and Leah Eriquel who allowed our family to be part of this year’s Nickelodeon Slime Cup. These activities left a mark in the memories of our kids and for that, we will always be grateful.
Mommy Mundo Faces & Phases 6
Claudine Cobankiat: She is the great woman behind Babyzen Philippines, our favorite stroller brand. We always remember her for her humility, generosity and love for our family. We are forever thankful to companies who trust us for projects despite our young journey. Wherever we may go, Claudine and Babyzen already has a special place in our hearts as a family.

As an added bonus, I got introduced to the Oli and Carol organic teether by Incyrooms which our Baby Zed enjoys a lot!

Then, last October 7, 2018, I attended another ExpoMom in Trinoma dubbed as the #ExpoMomNorth 2. This time, I got some time to really research ahead on the participating brands and took advantage of exclusive deals from brands I already love. We will share about our haul soon at our Youtube Channel : Omni & Bryce. For now, below are the booths we visited.

First stop, the BabyCuddlePH booth where we finally met Ms. Lenie and Ms. Grace, two of the three great sisters behind the brand. Missing Ms. May in this photo.

We dropped by the VPharma booth and once again met the very hands on power couple behind the brand-Vince and Kim Dy.

Mommy Mundo #ExpoMomNorth 2 + Infantino PH Baby Carrier Fashion Show 7
We passed by the Foldaway booth as well as we are highly considering this for Baby Zed since he is already rolling over and learning to crawl.
Mommy Mundo #ExpoMomNorth 2 + Infantino PH Baby Carrier Fashion Show 5
Stocking some Nosh Baby Munchables up!
Mommy Mundo #ExpoMomNorth 2 + Infantino PH Baby Carrier Fashion Show 3
Great to see that Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers are also around. This is the first Cloth Diaper brand we have ever tried and it is good!
Mommy Mundo #ExpoMomNorth 2 + Infantino PH Baby Carrier Fashion Show 4
Of course, time to stock some KinderCare Ultrasafe Wipes up.

But, the greatest AHA MOM-ent is witnessing some of my mom friends rocking the runway as mommy models for the “Wear Is The Love Babywearing Fashion Show” sponsored by Infantino Philippines.

Mommy Mundo #ExpoMomNorth 2 + Infantino PH Baby Carrier Fashion Show 10
Infantino Founders with the Infantino Mom Models
Mommy Jaya Garcia and Baby Heaven in their Infantino Multi-pocket Carrier
Mommy Mundo #ExpoMomNorth 2 + Infantino PH Baby Carrier Fashion Show 8
Mommy Nish with daughters Ysha and Yana in their Infantino Cuddle Up Hoodie
Mommy Mundo #ExpoMomNorth 2 + Infantino PH Baby Carrier Fashion Show 13
Mommy Nadine Smith with Baby Andromeda Eve in their Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier.
Mommy Mundo #ExpoMomNorth 2 + Infantino PH Baby Carrier Fashion Show 11
Infantino Philippines Founder Chris and his family sporting the Infantino Zip Travel Carrier – which for us the REAL Suprise as it transforms from a belt to an ergonomic carrier.

The chosen moms who modeled the different types of carrier did a really awesome job for us to appreciate and tell the difference between the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier, the Infantino Carry On Multi-pocket Carrier, the Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier, the Infantino Go Forward Evolved Ergonomic Carrier, the Infantino Swift Classic Carrier and best of all, the Infantino ZIP Ergonomic Travel Carrier. The ZIP gave me a Big AHA MOMent when Infantino Dad Chris and his family demonstrated how this particular model transformed from a belt bag to a baby carrier that can carry children from 12lbs- 40lbs/ 5.4 – 18.1 kg! I can already imagine the convenience of having such a carrier to families who are going for an out-of-town or overseas travel, or even in running their daily errands. Next time, I will take some time to try it on!

Such a great timing that they are launching this babywearing fashion show while the International Babywearing Week is going on. The launch of Infantino Philippines is truly a great news for parents and this is the very first time Infantino is being introduced here in the Philippines at prices really affordable for every Filipino parent. Check out the different Infantino Carriers and their functions at @infantinobaby_ph on Instagram or visit their official store at the Leverex, Inc. website : store.leverex.net/collections/infantino-ph

Mommy Mundo #ExpoMomNorth 2 + Infantino PH Baby Carrier Fashion Show 12
From left: Mommy Omni with son Zed, Mommy Iam with daughter Himig, Mommy Nish with daugher Ysha and Mommy Jaya with daughter Heaven.

In all these AHA MOMents, nothing beats the wonders of building and keeping strong friendships with parents who share our same passion and journey. With all these Expo Mom events lined up, I think that’s what Mommy Mundo is and will always be.

Omni Larrosa
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