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With age comes wisdom.

This is what a lot of people say. And I tend to believe it. Why? Well, I realize that as I grew older, I get through the different hurdles of life which made me become better and stronger.

However, there are just some things that make me tell myself, “Wish I knew this when I was younger!”

I had the same kind of thought earlier when I went to the Pregnant Pause event organized by Mommy Mundo and Baby Dove Philippines. At Pregnant Pause, moms and dads-to-be learn step-by-step how to have a healthy pregnancy, how to prepare for labor and delivery, how to manage labor pain, and more.

From left: Mommies Denise Bernardo, Nadine Smith, Omni Larrosa, Vanessa Bernabe, Princess Velasco and Fran Ang enjoying the wonderful Baby Dove set-up.

Pregnant Pause featured Ms. Rome Kanapi, an expert and pioneer on Childbirth Education who has helped a lot of expectant parents over the years.

Ms. Rome Kanapi sharing the Pregnant Pause module to expectant Moms and Dads.

Below are just some of the highlights of her talk which I wish I knew during the time I was pregnant:

First, Make a journal of your daily food intake to monitor weight gain.

You only need 2500 calories each day of pregnancy. It is best to manage your food and drink intake to help ensure that your cervix will be able to accomodate your baby’s size. As what Rome shared, managing the baby’s weight while he is still inside your womb helps ensure a safer childbirth.

Second, contractions, leaks and bleeding are signs that you are on active labor. If these persists, head on to the hospital’s delivery room. NOT THE EMERGENCY ROOM! Doing so will allow the right medical practitioners to assist you during labor and also, will help reduce expenses that are incurred inside the Emergency Room.

Third, master the different techniques to manage pain during labor and delivery. One of which is proper breathing technique which lets you and your baby have enough oxygen supply. Try Slow Breathing by inhaling slowly to a count of 4 and exhaling to a count of 4.

Fourth, try Pelvic Rock Exercises to relieve back and hip pains and other discomforts. Bend your knees and rock your hips from side-to-side, front-to-back, clockwise and counter clockwise. This also prepares the pelvic bone for giving birth.

Rome Kanapi and Denise Gonzales-Bernardo doing the Pelvic Rock exercise.

And finally, MASSAGE is allowed for pregnant women. Yes! This is the best reinforcement of all! When I was pregnant, I used to avoid massages and just endure my back and other body aches, only to find out massage is actually recommended as long as it is done the right way. Ms. Rome demostrated how back massages can be done to pregnant women.

Ms. Rome Kanapi demostrating how to properly do pregnant back massage with the help of pregnant mom Rich Asuncion.

As an added treat, Baby Dove Philippines held a special segment entitled “Mom Talks” where everyone can learn from the experience of other modern moms first hand.

From left: Mommies Princess Velasco, Nadine Smith, Fran Ang, Tin Domingo and Denise Gonzales-Bernardo on Mom Talks
Of course, Dads are also involved in this parenting milestone. They even had fun participating in the games!

Expectant moms and dads of today are just so fortunate that Pregnant Pause is available for them to learn such things that would increase comfort and prepare them for parenthood.

Thanks to Mommy Mundo and Baby Dove Philippines for organizing such a great initiative!

Me with Ms. Tin Domingo, Brand Manager of Baby Dove Philippines and our adorable babies.
Everyone gets to bring home Baby Dove products. What a great way to start the journey of parenting but to get access to quality products from a trusted brand.
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