Vitamins We Are Taking As A Family To Avoid Getting Sick

Our family’s lifestyle is more active now that we have welcomed a lot of opportunities together. We, as #TheClingyFam have increased our engagements as a Family Vlogger. My husband Bryce and I started new business ventures such as School Of Vlogging and GOAL Consultancy while I still maintain my day job as a Corporate Sales Manager for a Telecommunications company. Not to mention that we still have our regular responsibilities as parents like prepping daily food from breakfast to dinner, doing household chores, taking care of three beautiful and very active kids, and the list goes on and on.

Life has a lot of demands for parents/vloggers/ entrepreneurs like Bryce and I and there is no other way we can keep up than to keep ourselves healthy and energetic all the time. Taking supplements is one of our common responses to make sure we stay healthy and avoid getting sick. Here are five of those that we are taking regularly:


Bryce and I take at least 1 capsule of Healthmax Care daily as we are convinced of it’s benefits thru the good stories we hear from friends who have already taken it. In fact, Bryce mentioned that taking Healthmax has helped minimize the skin rashes he had on his back for a long time and I am the first to notice it.

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Healthmax Care is packed with 8 kinds of berries each having its own unique and powerful health benefits:


✅ Helps boost energy

✅ Improves digestion

✅ Promotes better sleep

✅ Helps maintaining cholesterol level


✅ Anti-cancer

✅ Helps heal wound

✅ Good for osteoporosis

✅ Energy 20x more than Vitamin E (500mg)


✅ Anti-cancer

✅ For better vision

✅ Anti-diabetic, lowers blood sugar levels

✅ Supports cardio vascular health


✅ Supports the immune system

✅ Has anti-inflammatory properties

✅ Helps support cardio vascular health

✅ Helps improve vision related disease

Hawthorn berry

✅ Promotes healthy heart

✅ Good for circulatory system

Acerola Berries

✅ Enhances better immune system

✅ Anti-diabetes properties

✅ Anti-inflammatory effect

✅ Anti-oxidant properties

✅ Rich source of Vitamin C


✅ Promotes good eyesight

✅ Anti-diabetic properties

✅ Fiber for detox and good digestion


✅ Promotes healthy heart

✅ Good for circulatory system

✅ Immune booster, 30x more than Vitamin C (500mg)

✅ Helps prevent UTI


We are a fan of Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C for soooo many years now. Vitagreen-C is our brand of choice and we are taking two capsules of this daily to sustain our energy. One capsule is enough to protect one’s body for 12 hours. We take one capsule in the morning and another in the afternoon.

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And just like that, we're celebrating our 2nd YouTube anniversary today! About 2 years ago na rin when I left my job and chose to be a stay-at-home parent. It was tough but for me & my wife @omniamisolarrosa, it is the best choice we made because nothing is more fulfilling than seeing our kids becoming the best of who they can be each day. It really pays to see things in a different perspective. Plus ang dami na rin namang opportunities to earn kahit nasa bahay lang. As a daddy vlogger at owner ng start-up business, minsan nga patong-patong na ang deliverables that I even tend to neglect my health. Pero our recent family trip opened my eyes to a lot of things. Today, I am motivated to stay healthy para mas marami pa kaming mapuntahan. "Health is wealth" sabi nga. Kaya ang dami talagang affected kapag may nagkakasakit sa pamilya. Talking about sickness, did you know that illnesses thrive in an acidic environment? That's why we find taking non-acidic Vitamin-C better than the nakasanayang brands. Thank God there’s Vitagreen-C! Kayo, when was the last time that you made a tough and DIFFERENT decision for your family? 😎💪💚 @vitagreencofficial #CDifferently #VitagreenC #TheClingyFam #TheClingyFamTravels #galengage4

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This is our kids’ fave! This particular Omega 3 supplement is not only good for the heart but also good for your taste buds as it does not have any awful smell nor taste.


I am still breastfeeding and taking Mega-Malunggay keeps my milk supply up and gives immunity too since it also has Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C.


I was never a fan of probiotics until our family got introduced to Health Aid Bifina. It is VPharma’s very own Probiotics brand that is very helpful in keeping our tummies safe all the time against all the toxins that we can gather from the food we eat.

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When we were planning about our trip here in Bangkok, one of our main concerns was whether the kids would like the local foods. Baka magka tummy problem, etc. What if magka constipation, hyperacidity or diarrhea? Haha! Naisip talaga namin lahat ng pwedeng mangyari. Then a mommy blogger friend suggested that we bring probitotics with us. And it's so timely bec @vpharmaph just launched their new product called Health-Aid Bifina Premium Probiotics. These probiotic sticks can be taken by everyone in the family including kids 3 years old and up for healthier gut. Yes, it comes in a sachet form that's why it's also perfect for families like us who's always on the go! For more details, you may check out @vpharmaph, @theparentingemporium, @urbanessentialsinc, @thegreencompany, and We'll be sharing more about "What to Pack When Traveling with Kids" on our YouTube Channel soon so stay tuned! SUBSCRIBE if you haven't yet. 😊💜💚 #VPharmaPH #TheClingySibz #TheClingyFam #TheClingyFamTravels

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