Six Ways to Get Comfort

May 16, 2018 Omni Larrosa 0

Six Ways to Get Comfort – #EdenComfortFood Special We often hear people say “I hate stress”. But no matter how hard we try, stress is inevitable. It can exist in so many situations that we deal with on a daily basis may it be at work, or even our personal […]

#ShareWhatsGood : A day of discovering real goodness

May 9, 2018 Omni Larrosa 0

 #ShareWhatsGood , #DiscoverWhatsReal My husband Bryce and I have always been fans of all natural and organic. Maybe because our family is also into making organic family essentials like soaps, massage oils, travel oils and many others for our very own @theoandbshop. Everytime we go to our home in Pampanga, […]

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Meet #TheClingyFam!

April 24, 2018 Omni Larrosa 0

We are Omni & Bryce and together with our beautiful kids, we are known as #TheClingyFam. We got married just 7 months after meeting each other and today we vlog about our journey as we try to build and raise our dream family.   In our vlogs, we talk about marriage, parenting or anything […]