Ingredients To Avoid When Choosing Baby Wipes

September 14, 2018 Omni Larrosa 0

Ingredients To Avoid When Choosing Baby Wipes Omni A. Larrosa – #TheClingyFam It is natural for moms to want the best for their babies that’s why a lot of moms are very picky when it comes to the brand of baby products they use. When it comes to baby wipes, […]

Simple Rewards That Create The Biggest Impact To Your Kids

July 10, 2018 Omni Larrosa 0

Simple rewards that create the biggest impact to your kidsOmni A. LarrosaWhen your children do something good, you may want to reward them. Children respond well to rewards and will continue their good behavior if their actions are reinforced with a positive reaction from their parents.[1] Rewards also create a good […]