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We are Omni & Bryce and together with our beautiful kids, we are known as #TheClingyFam. We got married just 7 months after meeting each other and today we vlog about our journey as we try to build and raise our dream family.
In our vlogs, we talk about marriage, parenting or anything that we value as a family. We dream of a time when we would just watch our kids grow and do things that matter to them as they build and achieve their own dreams. We also dream of being an instrument to promote intentional parenting as the future of our nation depends on the kind of children that we raise today. And that’s why we’re humbled to be chosen as one of the influencers (#tApfluencer) for theAsianparent Philippines despite our young journey online and share this advocacy with other amazing parents within the group.
Since we can’t capture everything on the vlog, we created this site so we can share with you more about our journey. Expect more exciting blogs from our family! We will make you a part of every important event or simple joys that we will encounter. We will also share valuable lessons we learned and hope that this inspires you and other families who will join our clingy life.
So for now, let me end with a saying that we always share at the end of each of our vlogs:
Always cling on to your dreams because dreams do come true. So faith it ’til you make it!


‘Til then! 🙂 

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Omni Larrosa
About Omni Larrosa 30 Articles
Omni Amisola-Larrosa is the wife of Bryce, an outstanding speaker & people builder, a mother of 3 wonderful kids named Zia, Zela & Zed (#TheClingySibz), and a professional Marketing practitioner who is privileged to be a recipient of the 12th Mansmith Young Market Masters Award (Mansmith YMMA) for 2017, an advocacy project that seeks and recognizes young outstanding marketers and entrepreneurs all over the Philippines. Omni seeks to outperform herself by being the best wife to Bryce and mom to #TheClingySibz, while inspiring other moms in maintaining a good work and family life balance.

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