A Good Way To Let Go and Welcome New Things| #SwapToShare

A lot of Filipinos have a very sentimental nature.

We like keeping stuff that remind us of good memories. Or, sometimes, we just feel like we can make good use of these stuff in the future. I,  for one sometimes get thoughts of “I have so much nice dresses when I was a child! Wish I have kept them for my daughters!” Or, Sayang naman. Mahal ‘to at magagamit pa ‘to! (It’s such a waste to throw away. This is too expensive and can be used in the future!)

These types of thoughts worked for our family but only to some extent. In example, we were able to keep our eldest daughter Zia’s 6-year-old stroller and carrier which Zela and Zed were able to use as well. But none of my pregnancies are planned so it is such a good blessing that Zia had siblings to make use of her stuff especially the priciest ones. But, what if the Lord decided for us to have just one child? These things will just be unnecessary clutter since living in a condo allows us to enjoy only a limited space. So, how do we let go of old things for the better?

We learned about the “Empty Cup Principle” which meant “you must sometimes give in order to receive for you cannot fill a cup that is full”. We realized that keeping too much of our old  stuff prevents us from welcoming new and better blessings in a lot of ways. It trains us to be scarcity-minded and for us, such a mindset does not please our God who gives us everything we need according to his riches in glory. In contrast, when we give something away, we open more rooms for better things and more blessings as the Bible also says God loves a cheerful giver.

Since then, we practiced giving away items we haven’t used for at least six months and stuff our children have already outgrown of. For instance, we gave a lot of our children’s stuff away to other parents who are about to give birth to their own bundles of joy. There were too many to let go of and that allowed us to be a blessing to many couples. We got kind of addicted to giving that we even gave away some of our old stuff especially clothes that do not fit Bryce and I anymore. And what a great joy to see the smiles in the faces of people we gave them to! That in itself is already a great blessing and privilege on our end. No material thing could ever replace that feeling of fulfillment. And best of all, we were able to pass a culture of sharing to our own kids. Indeed, “Walang natatalo sa pagbibigay.” (No one loses by giving.) As the old saying goes, the more you give, the more you receive.

Speaking of giving, Baby Company has this new running campaign called #SwapToShare which allows moms and dads to enjoy 20% discount on a new stroller and/or carrier by swapping or giving their old ones away.


The old strollers donated by parents will be given to charities supported by SM Foundation. Imagine, such a great way to be a blessing to other families while upgrading your own child’s gears as well! The parents below were so fortunate to have participated in the campaign as seen on Baby Company’s Facebook Page.

You too can be part of this one of a kind initiative. There are about thirteen great brands you can choose from including Chicco, Maxi-cosi, Graco, Quinny, Safety 1st, Baby First and many others! Run to your favorite Baby Company store to see the complete stroller & car seat line-up. Offer valid from October 1 to 31 in all stand-alone stores and in all branches inside The SM Store nationwide.

We were not able to participate in the #SwapToShare campaign since we don’t have extra carriers to swap and we have already given our old stroller away to our friend’s baby when we acquired our new Babyzen Yoyo+ Stroller.  Good thing, we were in for another exciting treat as SM Store also has the Babies and Kids Fest for every family to enjoy! Below are just some of the many good finds we spotted and brought home. But believe me! There’s A WHOLE LOT MORE to die for!

We do not participate in just any kind of sale. We only choose those offering products relevant to our current need at real marked-down prices. The Babies & Kids Fest is really something we were able to celebrate for we got items we need at great discounts.

Even our Babyzen Yoyo+ Bag is full of items bought from SM Babies and Kids Fest!

We went home with our shopping bags full and our hearts fuller. Head on to the nearest SM store as Babies & Kids Fest will only last until end October 2018.

Omni Larrosa
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