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“Whether you are a working or a stay-at-home parent, you are parenting on the move.”

These are the words we personally heard from Isabelle Daza as she shares her own motherhood journey at the Parenting On The Move event held last October 18, 2018 at McKinley Road, Taguig.

From left: Japoy and Janice Lizardo, Isabelle Daza, and our host, JC Alelis.

She talked about how the worries she used to not care about started to creep in eversince she had Baltie and as she continued to share her own experiences in raising her adorable son, we were amazed at how we were able to relate with her thoughts especially on how important safety is when it comes to our baby. Indeed, moms from all walks of life wanted the same thing when it comes to their child – they all want the BEST.

Pigeon Moms Represent! Mommy Nadine with Baby Andi, Mommy Rachelle, Mommy Omni with Baby Zed, Mommy Janice with Baby Jace, Mommy Iam and Baby Himig, and Mommy Vanessa.

We are so happy to be invited by Pigeon Philippines, one of the brands who spearheaded the event, to share a day in our lives with other parents like Japoy and Janice Lizardo, the power couple, National Athletes and parents to Baby Jace, and of course with Isabelle Daza herself who so generously gave her personal touch in every detail of the event.

For me, the day’s highlight is the tour in a house inspired by the real house of Isabelle Daza where we saw only those Pigeon, Ergobaby, Safety 1st, Quinny, Tiny Love and other Richwell products that you can find in her family’s home.

While on the tour, I felt like there is a piece of ourselves in every corner of that place as we found a lot of items that are also in our house and I must say, these products are really helpful in our own “Parenting On The Move” experiences. Below are just some of those products and how they are helpful in our own parenting journey.

#1. Pigeon Manual Breast Pump.

Ms. Vanessa of Richwell Philippines talking about the features and benefits of the Pigeon Manual Breast Pump

I am such a happy user of this product. This makes pumping more efficient as it allows me to pump more milk in less time. It does not hurt my breasts unlike other pumps as it mimics the pressure of a real baby’s latch. Plus, it fits my lifestyle so well coz since it is manual, I can use it anytime even while on the go.

#2. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser.

We love using the Pigeon Liquid Cleanser for Baby Zed’s bottles, bowls and toys.

We already use this product as we love how it effectively cleans our baby’s bottles and toys without leaving a soapy smell. We know that it is safe because of the “food grade” seal that you can find at the packaging. But yesterday, we had a WOW Moment when Mr. Yuta, Pigeon’s CEO actually drank a shot of the liquid cleanser to prove that it is really really safe!

Mr. Yuta, Pigeon’s Global CEO taking a shot of the Pigeon Liquid Cleanser to prove how safe it is.

After witnessing that, I couldn’t think of other reasons to worry about safety when it comes to using our Pigeon Liquid Cleanser.

#3. Pigeon Honeycomb Breastpads.

These are the best breastpads that I have tried in my over 5 years of motherhood. This is very helpful for moms who have overflowing breastmilk supply. It effectively absorbs breastmilk overflow and hindi siya bumabakat in my bra. You know what I mean? 😀

#4. Ergobaby Carrier

My husband Bryce and I with our Baby Zed in an Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier which we use for several months now after upgrading from our Ergobaby Original Carrier.

We have been using Ergobaby Carrier for over five years already. We started with the Ergobaby Original Carrier when we had Zia who is now turning 6 years old. I remember being able to carry Zia with me in all my errands when she was still a baby and the Ergobaby Carrier has made our lives a lot easier. It is also very durable that I was able to continue using the same carrier for Zela and even for Zed when he was in his first 3 months before we shifted to the latest model which is the Ergobaby Omni 360. We are already in love with Ergobaby for years but the latest innovation in the Omni 360 has made us fall more in love with the product and the brand.

#5. Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker.

We thought all food makers are the same so previously bought a cheaper one. However, we were not satisfied with that product. So, we opted to switch to this Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker and we are very happy with the purchase. For us, it is really a good investment and very useful as well as it is multi-functional. Whether we need to make purees, juices, grated food or basic mashed fruits and vegetables, this food maker is all we need.

There were many other new and existing products we discovered during the tour and we are so happy to have brought some of them home for us to try.

These Pigeon Baby Wipes are said to be safe also for wiping baby’s toys and utensils.

One of those that we are now highly considering is the Maxi-cosi carseat. We learned that Maxi-cosi is the inventor of the carseats and they go through rigorous safety tests before they bring them to the stores for parents to avail.

Pigeon, Ergobaby, Safety 1st and other Richwell brands has been serving and delighting parents here and all over the world for many years now. We saw how they try their best in delivering quality and safe products for our babies. With this, our trust grew even more for their company and the products they offer.

I’d like to hear from you. Have you used any of their products too? What’s your experience? Comment below.

Omni Larrosa
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  1. Tama po . Lahat po ng nanay laging iniisip muna yung ika bubuti ng anak. At dapat lahat ng mga pinapagamit natin sa kanila ay safe. Nakapagtry na din po ako ng pigeon breast pump and breast pads momshie😊

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