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Most of my happy memories as a kid were spent in carnivals. I remember not being afraid in trying out seemingly challenging yet fun rides like roller coasters, wild river boats and huge Ferris wheels among others. It makes me feel like I can do almost anything and conquer any kind of fear after succeeding one ride and I go on and do it over and over again.

Yesterday, we found Fun Ranch, another great place to build happy memories with our family. My husband, kids and I visited their branch in Frontera Verde, Pasig. Seeing the colorful facade made me feel like I am a kid again and as we scanned through the place, we found lots of fun rides that our children and even us adults can enjoy. It’s our kids’ first time to visit a place like this and I can’t help but be so excited for them as I remember the feeling of seeing these types of rides for the first time when I was their age.

#TheClingyFam taking a family photo at the entrance of Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Pasig City.

We went on and tried each kind of ride from the train, to the carousel, speed-racing carts, Ferris wheels and many others but what really left a mark with us is the bumper cars station because it is also my husband Bryce’s first time to ride one. He grew up in a place where access to these kinds of activities is just so far. In fact, he needed to travel from Bataan all the way to Sta. Rosa, Laguna once a year to visit a famous amusement park but for some reason, he never got to experience riding a Bumper car. He wished he had more access to more out-of-the-classroom learning activities as he is also aware that being exposed to these types of activities encourages a different level of learning and realizations.

Bryce and kids Zia and Zela ride Bumper Cars for the first time in their lives.

We realized that a lot of kids are experiencing the same one as that of Bryce’s childhood. Not all children have the privilege to learn outside their classrooms.

Fun Ranch believes that every child deserves to learn and be happy that’s why they launched #ProjectHappyKids. Through the help of the community & project partners, Pepsi Cola Product Philippines and MovED, a foundation that aims to provide early childhood education to children in underserved communities across the country, Fun Ranch aims to make at least 100 kids happy! The good news is you can also support this movement! For only an additional Php50 on your child’s Unlimited Play wristband at any Fun Ranch branch, you can already help sponsor a beneficiary for a special day in Fun Ranch. Students of beneficiary pre-schools will be treated to a Fun Ranch Day consisting of rides, play, snacks & souvenir for each child & a special Magic Show which will happen in March 2019 right before the school year ends.

We are fully supporting this program and we invite you to also take part by availing of this special wristband when you visit any Fun Ranch branch. And the great thing is, while you help make 100 kids happy, you also get to enjoy the same fun rides our family enjoyed when we visited Fun Ranch! Below are just some of our photos taken while we were seizing our family moment.

We all got to ride the Fun Ranch electric train as a family.
Zela and Zia were so thrilled to ride the Ferris Wheel.


These Speed-racing Carts gave them a different kind of hype.
Amusement parks will never be complete without a carousel. This one from Fun Ranch really made her day.
A Me-and-my-dad moment for Zela at the Speed-racing station.
Our brave Ate Zia managed to drive this cart on her own. And she chose the color!
And there are lots of attractions fit for our Baby Zed too!
There are different indoor play activities as well if you want to limit your exposure to outdoors.
And of course, Ate Zia is never too old for a Me-and My-Dad moment of her own.
One of our precious moments at the Bumper Cars station.
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