Baby Company Babies and Kids Sale is On!

Last weekend, our family passed by SM Aura and we noticed the big sign that announces Baby Company’s Babies’ and Kids’ Sale! Eversince we became parents, these types of announcements have always been a headturner.

Such a great timing coz we have already made a list of items that we need to buy for our three kids Zia, 6yo; Zela, 3yo and Zed, 1yo. The list included both urgent and non-urgent baby and kids stuff and at that time, our list included kneepads since our youngest is already doing a lot of crawling, and baby toothbrush coz he has already outgrown his training toothbrush.

We happily rushed inside the Baby Company boutique and seeing all those red and white tags in products saying 20-50% off on almost everything has made our eyes widen as if we are watching the climax of our favorite movie scene.

We went home delightfully bringing items that we really need for our kids at amazingly great deals. Everytime there is a Baby Company sale, we make sure that we check it out and we never get disappointed as we get to bring home great quality items that we need at prices that are really more than fair. If you’re a Mom Card holder, you get to enjoy a Free Emoji Powerbank for a minimum purchase of P3,000.

The Babies and Kids’ sale goes on until April 30, 2019. Make sure you come up with a list of items that you always purchase such as diapers, baby toiletries and many others. It pays to buy in bulk as the prices they currently offer are those we don’t get to take advantage of on regular days.

Check out Baby Company on Facebook and Instagram to get updated on their next promos for us parents!

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