Where to get FREE Hair Coloring Services?

As a mom, I certainly do not have “going-to-the-salon” as a regular item in my to-do list. Like most parents, our monthly budget does not have a provision for self-pampering as this is not on top of our minds when we think of meeting the needs of the family. If we have extra budget, then why not. But the truth is, I only go to salons whenever I get those once in a blue moon chances and most of the time, I go for home service massage and self-care providers whenever I already feel the need. Like, I only think of a pedicure if the dry skins on my toes are already irritating me or book a massage only when I feel like my stress is already unbearable that it manifests physically.

How about the hair? Oh, you would notice that I only had one post about hair services when I had my hair color done by the amazing staff of Salon Privat in BGC and that was almost 12 months ago. And after that, I never underwent any haircare services in any salon or even at home except for the usual shampoo. Conditioner? I have a confession, I don’t condition my hair daily simply because I need to leave it on for at least 3 minutes before I could wash it off! If you’re a mom, yes those 3 minutes mean a lot!

So, here’s a plot twist! I seldom go to a salon for a hair care service. BUT! Oh yes, but… I would find myself visiting department stores on a regular basis to buy baby care stuff! And this is how a mom like me found this interesting salon-like set-up located at the hair care section of Metro Department Store in Market! Market!, BGC. This is the kiosk of Novelina, a hair-coloring product brand.

All you have to do is to purchase any of their products with prices starting at ONLY PhP 299.00 and you get to have your hair color application done by their trained staff for FREE! If you are reading this, note that this offer is available only until June 5, 2019.

Some reminders before trying this service out:

  1. Shampoo your hair but do not put any other hair products like wax, serums, gels, etc. Keep it plain and raw.
  2. Wear dark-colored outfit. Though they will be using a salon cape on you, wearing dark colored outfit will keep you worry-free in case a drop of hair coloring product will fall on your clothes.

Now, I will tell you about my experience. I have thick hair so the treatment lasted for about 2 hours and that includes leaving the hair coloring product on for 45 minutes. If you have thin hair, maybe it would be faster. Shown below are my before and after photos!

BEFORE: Almost 12 months old hair color with highlights and about 4 inches black hair regrowth.

DURING: They applied the color creme in Chestnut Brown on me. I like the fact that it does not have any awful smell and it doesn’t hurt the scalp. No “tiis-ganda” moment this time!

AFTER: From Sophisticated Brown to what I call The Perfect Red Shade!

I love the fact that it made the previously blonde-looking highlights look bright red while the rest of the hair is in non-screaming red shade. This is the kind of mix I always wanted for my hair and I thought I would be needing an expensive hair-coloring service to have one! By regrowing my hair a bit more, I imagine it looking more like a nice ombre! What do you think? 🙂

According to their hair-colorist Jerome Tan, this hair coloring product is permanent and is not expected to wash off easily. You would only need a retouch when there is regrowth already. He even shared some tips on how to make the color last longer:

  1. Condition more, shampoo less. This will make the color stay longer and the hair more vibrant.

  2. When going for a hair treatment, find those that do not contain strong chemicals as this will not only wash off the color, but make the hair dull and lifeless.

What else do I love about discovering Novelina? It has made DIY hair coloring more possible for busy moms and individuals (like me) as each pack comes with a color creme, color developer, hair coloring comb and gloves. Good news for me and to those who won’t be able to catch the promo!

But if you can, catch their Free Hair Color Application service before it ends! To me it’s all worth it! I mean, where in the world can we get a hair-coloring service without breaking the bank? Visit any of the following Novelina kiosks until June 5, 2019 ONLY!

  • Cash & Carry Department Store, Makati

  • Metro Department Store, Market! Market! BGC, Taguig

  • Metro Gaisano, Marquee Mall, Angeles, Pampanga

  • Metro Dept. Store, Colon, Cebu

What do you think of this review? Have you tried Novelina or other hair coloring brands? Share your thoughts in the comment section please. 🙂

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