I am Father of Three Who Left a High-paying Job and Here are The Reasons Why

I used to be an Investment Training Manager of a big insurance company where I had the privilege to enjoy a high salary coupled with travel privileges and other perks every corporate guy would love to have.

Everything was working well back then and I thought I was at the peak of my career when I decided to drop everything and here are the reasons why:

1. My kids needed me.

Since my wife and I both had work, we sacrificed being away from our kids for at least eight hours a day and entrusted them to the care of someone we hired not really knowing what happens at home when we are away. For four years, ever since our eldest was born, we had been in constant search for the perfect nanny and household help, treat us like family and never leave us behind. But unfortunately we didn’t find one. We already lost count of how many nannies and household help we hired in the past and when they would leave us, our initial course of action was to find new ones. In the process, my wife and I took turns in filing vacation leaves at work, but it affected our cash flow as some of them are already unpaid after we have exhausted all our paid leaves. As a result, there were times we even had to take our kids to work. We are thankful for our officemates’ understanding but we knew this couldn’t happen all the time.

So, about 2 years ago, I decided I would leave my job to take care of our kids. I could have chosen to be prideful and ask my wife to leave her job so I can keep my glory of being the family’s provider but I also knew, at that time, that was the best for our family.

Unboxing Hot Wheels Drift Master Champion Set and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with my kids.

2. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunities available online.

While still working, my wife and I were blessed to have discovered vlogging. We evaluated our situation. After 6 months of doing it, our family vlog on YouTube dubbed as Omni and Bryce was already starting to gain traction and a lot of brand collaborations also needed our attention. Between me and my wife, we knew I am the best person to handle the Vlog. So without a blink of an eye, I made the decision to leave something I enjoy to attend to something that matter to me most, our kids. For two years now, I have been wearing multiple hats. Aside from being a full-time Daddy Vlogger, I am also blessed to take the path of becoming an entrepreneur for a new Training and Marketing Consultancy firm we just launched. But on top of these, I still consider being a full-time husband and dad as my ultimate priority.

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Out of the many responsibilities that I have as a family man, being a father is just one of them and I take pride in it and all its many facets. I was already about to take a bath in this photo when our bunso @zedlarrosa suddenly woke up and I had to put him back to sleep again. Wanna see what usually happens in my day as a stay-at-home dad with 3 kids and no yaya or house helper? I documented everything from waking up in the morning, to preparing our food, doing the laundry, homeschooling and to managing our social media life plus a growing business. Ang lakas maka McDo Father's Day Commercial ng vlog na 'to, hehe! Hope you watch and like it. Link is in our bio! Happy Father's Day! 😊💚 @pinoysuperdads #TheClingyFam #StayAtHomeDad #DadLife #PinoySuperdads

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3. I wanted to secure the future of my kids.

Nope, I’m not just talking about money here. Most of the issues of the youth today boils down to one thing – fatherlessness. Most young people are depressed, frustrated and lost because they didn’t have their fathers guiding them while they were growing up. And this is why I try my best to really be involved in raising our kids. I make sure I am available anytime they need me. I make sure I am there especially during their formative years. I want to be the first to speak of the best words of encouragement and affirmation that they would ever hear. I want to be their top of mind when they need someone to talk to and to listen to whatever it is that they are going through even in their grown up years. I want them to not get their security from anywhere else. I want our kids to consider our house – where we, their parents are, as the safest and happiest place they would ever want to always come home to.

Raising a family especially in this day and age is really challenging. I documented a day in my life and if you are curious on how I manage to take care of three kids all alone, click the vlog link below:
Father’s Day Vlog Pt1: Life as a Stay-at-Home Dad & Full-time Daddy Vlogger in the Philippines

I know that I am not alone in this challenge. We all would do just anything and want nothing but the best for our loved ones. As we take this challenge on, may we not lose sight of what really matters. We may not exactly be in the same boat but I hope that when we are placed in a situation when we have to choose, our kids – our family, would always win.

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