GCash Forest aims for 365 Thousand Trees in 365 Days

“In a recent study, 96% of millennials said they want to help save our forests. But then, only 10% turn intent into action.”

This is the one thing I clearly remembered from the speech of Chris Manguera, Chief Marketing Officer of GCash when we attended the launch of GCash Forest last Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at The Eye, Green Sun, Makati City. It is a new feature of the GCash app that allows users to help plant trees just by using the app continuously.


I for one am part of that statistics. I want to help make our country and the world a better place to live for my children and the generations after them. But due to the priorities I have as a parent, entrepreneur and corporate executive, going out to the provinces to plant real trees may not be feasible at the moment. To add, I am not that knowledgeable on how to plant and grow a tree properly. And I am sure, I am not alone in this challenge.


Many are like me who would like to help and inspire their children to help but for some reason, we do not have the means and capacity to do so. Until GCash Forest came in.


To plant trees through GCash Forest, GCash users need to collect ”green energy” by frequently using the app. Users who get enough green energy can choose which species of trees they want to plant in a selected area at the lpo watershed. Once the trees are physically planted, users get to receive a certificate of ownership with a serial number, fun facts, and updates on the growth of their trees on their GCash apps. ”


The new feature is inspired by Alipay Ant Forest, a product operates by Ant Financial, an Alibaba affiliate n e parent company of the world’s leading payments and lifestyle platform, Alipay. Via the mobile platform, more than 500 million users have planted 100 million real trees and advanced a shared vision of sustainable and inclusive development.


“The GCash Forest shows digital technology holds a huge power to mobilize people in support of sustainable development and the fight against climate change. And this power goes beyond the border and is at our fingertips through our mobile devices,” said Yan Meng, Ant Financial’s Global Head of International Partnerships. “We’re more than happy to open up our technology and expertise to current and potential partners to make the world a better place.”


Lastly, I am so happy to know that the app already works with any smartphone regardless of who your telco provider is. I am a Smart subscriber and I was able to install the GCash app on my phone and because of that, I can take part in helping GCash fulfill it’s vision of planting 365,000 tress in 365 days. As they discuss this, the goal seemed ambitious but with the passion of everyone who believes in it, I would say, it is achievable.

How about you, how do you find this initiative? Do you also want to take part in the GCash Forest project?

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